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9/11/2012 - from Stan Whiteman (Norwin Class of 1997) 

7/17/2011 - from Greg "The Body" Watson
Go Stangs

10/31/2010 - from kathy (black)harding (Norwin Class of 1969) 
Great Season. So proud of the football team and the coaches! This has been a great year for the fans. Good luck in the play-offs!!!

9/27/2010 - from Carlo guadagnino (Norwin Class of 2010) 
Good season so far boys keep it up brngsome pride to the purple and gold

9/2/2010 - from 1988 Alumni (Norwin Class of 1988) 

Week of 10/25=Purple  The ACTIVE COLOR for the Grand Prize drawing on October 31st is GOLD!!!!!!


The Active Color was randomly chosen by Plum Borough Mayor Rich Hrivnak on Wednesday October 28th. Thank you Mayor!!

 Congratulations to the Mustang Seniors on an exciting season!! Good Luck and we will see you at the banquet.





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