Plum Mustangs Football

Plum Senior High School Sports Hall of Fame - Football Players

The following are the current list of Plum Mustangs alumni inducted in the Plum Sports HOF.

Jeff Boynton (Class of 1978) Running back/ defensive back

Geoff Brown (Class of 1966) Quarterback/Running back/ Linebacker

Leo Cackowski (Class of 1946) Halfback/ Head Coach 1960-1964

Randy Cosgrove (Class of 1969) Running Back

Rich Demko (Class of 1963) Running Back/ Defensive Back

John Garcia (Class of 1978) Running Back/ Linebacker

Wayne German (Class of 1963) Offensive lineman/ Linebacker/ Coach

Bryan Hartung (Class of 1998) Running Back/ Outside Linebacker

John Hicks (Class of 1954)

Tim Holt (Class of 1977) Quarterback/Defensive Back

Bill Jackson (Class of 1952) Center

Sean Knapp (Class of 1980) Tight End

Frank Marchlewski (Class of 1960) Offensive linemen/ Defensive linemen

Dave Martin (Class of 1983) Running Back/ Defensive Back

Andy Matto (Class of 1949) Offensive Lineman

Dave McDowell (Class of 1981) Wide Receiver/ Defensive Back

Charles Miller (Class of 1970) Quarterback/ Defensive Back / Assistant Coach 1987-present

Ken Montanari (Class of 1955) Lineman

Matt Morgan (Class of 1999) Offensive Lineman/ Defensive Lineman

Joe Naunchek (Class of 1956) Running back/ Defensive Back

James Olivio (Class of 1961) Quarterback

Paul Palamara (Class of 1984) Running Back

William Rometo Sr. Head Coach 1947-1960

Dan Zelahy (Class of 1974) Offensive Lineman/ Defensive Lineman

Vic Zucco (Class of 1953) Running Back/ Defensive Back

Week of 10/25=Purple  The ACTIVE COLOR for the Grand Prize drawing on October 31st is GOLD!!!!!!


The Active Color was randomly chosen by Plum Borough Mayor Rich Hrivnak on Wednesday October 28th. Thank you Mayor!!

 Congratulations to the Mustang Seniors on an exciting season!! Good Luck and we will see you at the banquet.





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